safehouse habitats

SafeHouse Habitats (Scotland) Ltd

Headquartered in Dundee, Scotland we manage our staff and operations, ongoing all over the world, throughout the year.

Safehouse habitats have been used and applied to both simple and complex hot work tasks. The Safehouse Habitat is a recognised engineering control that manages and reduces the risks associated with hot work and sources of ignition in a hazardous area. Many clients use the  Safehouse habitat as an engineering control for risk mitigation in risk assessment.

SafeHouse Habitat's Mission Statement is simple;

"To make hot work safer, efficient and effective"

After 10 years  experience of providing habitat solutions all over the world, SafeHouse provide a service which is trusted and relied upon  in a number of different industries and sectors.


The flexibility and value of the habitats can be illustrated by the range of different applications and uses;

  • Can be used in all environments for all onshore and offshore sites
  • Can be installed on scaffolds and elevated work platforms
  • Can be installed in or adjacent to confined spaces
  • Can be installed in trenches and ground excavation/trenches  (pipeline repairs as an example)
  • Can be used for temporary workshops / offices
  • Can be used for segregation (clean areas) for workers


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